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Peanut Butter & Jelly or Two Left Shoes – Guest Blogger Ade

​You’ve decided that it is time to seek some professional help and you’ve started the process of looking for a clinician but how do you know if you guys will work together well. A lot of the frustration people face when deciding to begin the counseling journey is feeling like they can’t or don’t connect with… Continue reading Peanut Butter & Jelly or Two Left Shoes – Guest Blogger Ade

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Relationship vs Religion – Guest Blogger Lexi

As we walk through life doing our best to please God, it’s important to remember how your personal 1:1 relationship with Christ is vital to your success. Being raised in a COGIC environment I only remember being afraid of God and never being able to live up to what was acceptable. As such it was… Continue reading Relationship vs Religion – Guest Blogger Lexi

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Steps to a Better Me – Guest Blogger Chemyeeka

It’s Me Again… SO now you have taken the time to assess who you are in your circle. For some that activity may have been very heart-wrenching and for others it was very simple. For this write-up I am going to break down a few steps for being a better you, me, that friend, or… Continue reading Steps to a Better Me – Guest Blogger Chemyeeka

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Forever Bae – Guest Blogger Sydney

Last but certainly not least let’s talk about the Love that Last. This is a love that you least expect to happen. This is a love that you were hesitant about because of your previous run ins with First and Second Bae. This is a love that you notice I still talk in present tense… Continue reading Forever Bae – Guest Blogger Sydney

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The Beginning isn’t Easy

Hey there Inspirers, Happy New Year! I am hoping you all got off on the right footing for the new year and remain excited for what's to come. As far as Leave Inspired, we will be having guest bloggers throughout the year and they are all coming with good content. I wanted to start the… Continue reading The Beginning isn’t Easy

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The Misfits

Hey Inspirers! I am excited to have you here and hope that you enjoy today's read! Something to look forward to, Leave Inspired will be expanding, yes EXPANDING! I will be launching my life coaching program in the new year, incorporating guest bloggers, and planning one of my first retreats for millennial women... yikes that… Continue reading The Misfits