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Show Up for Yourself

Recently, I started a 30 day self-care journey on IG. My initial thought was to get others involved and make a movement for self-care. Of course, no one joined me but that didn’t stop me from my vision of showing up for myself. How often do we realize that we are so concerned for the welfare of others but not for ourselves? Maybe you haven’t noticed because you don’t give yourself the time of day.

See I want to change that – not just for others but for myself. If you’ve read my other posts, you’ve seen me discuss my season of transition and isolation. Part of that is because I just need time for myself. I’ve always been what everyone else needed : social worker, therapist, life coach, big sister, shero etc. Truth is I haven’t even showed up this much for myself. I take the blame for that because I had expectations. I thought that if I held my heart out in my hands that others would see and give the same in return.

Not that I did those things for recognition but I forgot that others don’t have the same heart as I do. When you are used to wearing many hats it’s hard to pull away. It was necessary because I haven’t been front and center at attention in my own life. Why do we feel so guilty for taking care of ourselves? Some think it’s selfish and that it’s always a negative thing. What would it take to show up for yourself?

Don’t let the misuse of others push you to do that when you can began today to make it a habit. See that’s what happened to me. I allowed people to take what they needed without demanding a return on my investment. Please learn from my mistake. Value and honor yourself because you are worth so much. If you want to start a journey to self-care and don’t know how, think of ways you can show up for yourself each day.

16 thoughts on “Show Up for Yourself”

  1. When I read this following statement I knew that you and I could relate. The statement is ” I allowed people to take what they needed without demanding a return on my investment.” Wow! I really have to be careful so I don’t feel used so now I try to establish boundaries early.

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  2. I learnt early on that not everyone has the same heart as me and I’ve come to be okay with that. As the comment above says, it’s about boundaries and being some what comfortable with keeping them in place. For me, it’s my family who take the most from me so I had to get comfortable with saying to them “I’m okay, but I need some time out. I’ll talk to you in a couple of days.” I just felt the alternative to NOT doing this was too big – I appreciate myself too much to allow someone to rinse me of all my own resources. However, that’s taken years of practice. Great post ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I have learned the hard way about making room for self care. It’s crucial. Otherwise, you end up burned out, even miserable. Kudos to you for taking care of you.

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  4. I recently stated to assess how I need to start being intentional with self-care and making it a priority. If I do not take care of myself how can I be there for others? Doing little things I love can have a big impact on state of being.

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  5. Girl I am super proud of you! I’m happy that you realize that if you aren’t there for yourself nobody else will! I’m learning the true purpose in life is finding ourselves! & your finding your purpose !

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  6. ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ
    Yes! I felt this on so many levels! I also feel that I spend so much time worrying about others that Iโ€™m not taking care of myself in the ways that I need too. Self care is so important and unfortunately falls to the waste side regularly when money is tight or theirs are increased amount of stress!

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  7. This post took the words right out my mouth. Iโ€™m also in a season of self-care especially going into a new school semester. Iโ€™m learning how to be selfish with my time and put my needs first and Iโ€™m already so much happier! I wish you the best on your journey.

    Love Always,

    Christina Jane

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